Sunday, March 27, 2011

Accomplishments, Mental Setbacks, Life.

First week of school, done. First PartyLite party, done. Next PartyLite party planned (maybe next two). I got some things accomplished this past week and it feels good. Like I'm finally moving forward with my life. School is the really great part, the PartyLite thing I could give or take really, but it is a nice plus. I'm trying to not get overwhelmed with things, because I tend to. So far I'm doing alright. Just trying to stay on the positive side of things. I have a hard time staying happy about things while still in this house. If its not one thing its another, Saturday was a fight with my dad that made me so mad I was crying, today its my mother on my case (nothing new) but its getting pretty old. Baby Girl starts preschool in the fall, which means Mommy can look for a real job, save some money, and hopefully, be out of here by Summer2012. Its something I need to plan more intuitively, something I need to start saving for now rather than later. Something that has to be done to save my sanity...