Sunday, April 18, 2010

love days with sister!! :)

Awesome day today! Went to Santa Cruz with sister and friends and had an AMAZING time! Seriously haven't had that much fun in so long and I really needed it! Then when I got home and checked my email found out that boyfriend is going to be home soon, which made an awesome day even better! I can't wait to see him!!!! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

well this was a lovely day...

all in all today was a decent day..made potato salad this morning, went to the street fair with family, drove around with the cousin for a while, got a super-cute new notebook (although i refrained from the super cute pens :/) hung out with the bestie, and now time for bed. its the first day in a while sleep should come easy.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seriously?!! and what exactly am i supposed to say that!?!
am i supposed to be okay with the fact that you're talking to your ex again?
oh yea sure its all fine and dandy! only its not!
the fact that you feel the need to tell me this just makes me know that there's something you're leaving out... "i've told her that I'm with you now and that we had our chance and it didnt work out." what does that mean exactly? that she wanted to get back together but you have a girlfriend now which is nice to know i mean i know you care about me but what? if we weren't together would you go back to her? because if so please don't let me hold you back, and for that matter don't waste any more of my time... i can deal with the long distance and the never seeing you, i can deal with only being able to talk online because you don't have a phone there, but i really don't know if i can handle you carrying on a friendship with the girl that i know is not over could she be?