Sunday, March 27, 2011

Accomplishments, Mental Setbacks, Life.

First week of school, done. First PartyLite party, done. Next PartyLite party planned (maybe next two). I got some things accomplished this past week and it feels good. Like I'm finally moving forward with my life. School is the really great part, the PartyLite thing I could give or take really, but it is a nice plus. I'm trying to not get overwhelmed with things, because I tend to. So far I'm doing alright. Just trying to stay on the positive side of things. I have a hard time staying happy about things while still in this house. If its not one thing its another, Saturday was a fight with my dad that made me so mad I was crying, today its my mother on my case (nothing new) but its getting pretty old. Baby Girl starts preschool in the fall, which means Mommy can look for a real job, save some money, and hopefully, be out of here by Summer2012. Its something I need to plan more intuitively, something I need to start saving for now rather than later. Something that has to be done to save my sanity...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Class Starts Tuesday, Home works already done...

My name is Cassie, and in starting school I hope to find a better me. My motivation for starting school is first and foremost my daughter. At two and a half ears old, she's smart as a whip and I want, and need, her to know that no matter what, it is possible to attain your dreams. Being a mother at such a young age, and not having a husband, or even someone to lean on in that aspect, I definitely have had some obstacles in life but I am determined to power through whatever gets in my way to make a better life for my little girl. As of now my professional goals are a bit up in the air, I've always had an interest in teaching and psychology, so its between the two. I am currently leaning more towards psychology, it fascinates me. I am currently unemployed, but I have just started selling PartyLite products, PartyLite is a company that is constructed much like Avon, in the way that it has consultants who sell their products, its a fun way to make some extra money and still be able to be at home with my daughter the majority of the time. I can't wait to really get started with class and school in general and see what I have in me, I know I can do it, and I know that I need to do it, and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

My first homework assignment for school up there. A "personal introduction" is what the assignment called for. Like you all care, but hey its my blog. :)


I just finished my first school assignment... Even though class doesn't officially start till Tuesday, I wanted to get started off on the right foot. Getting stuff done is always a good way to do that. :) Hopefully I keep up this attitude at least through the first class, once the excitement settles down and I realize it is, in fact, just school.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

School, Job, things are coming together.

I signed up for school this past week (got accepted) I start in two weeks, I'm pretty excited about it. Also I'm going to be making some extra money selling PartyLite candles. The week was great really, stressful yes, but my life is coming together. :) On the downside I did get some upsetting news from the boyfriend... A second deployment. It won't be for a few months, so I'm attempting not to worry about it yet. I miss him so much already... And the last time wasn't so long ago that I've forgotten what its like when he's a whole world away. Random emails, and the (very) occasional online chat... I sometimes wonder how long I'll be able to deal with the distance, but the fact of the matter is, as sad and lonely as I am when he's gone, I'm still a thousand times happier than if I didn't have him in my life at all. The distance, it gets to me. But what I can say, I love him. I'll do whatever I have to do to spend forever with him. No matter how long it takes to get to that forever...