Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm thankful for a lot of things.
I have two, healthy, beautiful children.
I have a fiance who I fall more and more in love with everyday.
I have parents that support me in most everything I do.
In-laws that have accepted me into their family, and treat me like one of their own.
A great church family that I absolutely adore.
And so very many more things!
And I am truly grateful for each and every one of the things on that little list up there!
So I'm doing my best to focus on that today, and not the part that has me just wanting to stay in bed with my love and my kids, and not deal with anyone else!
Happy Thanksgiving all!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

I really can't stay...

Because, you see, I happen to have a sleeping one month old lying very near.
And I think he's about ready to wake up.
I know it's been ages, and ages since I posted, and if I'm being totally honest, I'm not even sure what my last post was about.
Mom brain, and the lack of sleep, may have something to do with that.
But I wanted to stop in and say hi to you all.
If I can, I want to start posting more.
I'm hoping to have fun things to talk about in the next few months.
Winter memories made with my little family. :)

But, for now, I'll leave you with this.

Because I've been listening to Christmas music since before Halloween.
Ya know, cause I'm cool like that.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Journaling. Thought? Suggestions?

So, I've been thinking about starting to journal.
You know, something for me, or even my kids, to look back at in the future. 
But I was thinking I want to do it in more of a structured sense.

So my question for you guys is;
Do any of you know of any challenges, or templates of some kind that I could use as a guideline?

I tend to start journals,
and then never finish them. 

And I'd really like to turn this into something of a book.
A finished, well put together, piece of my life, 
That can be looked back on, and maybe even learned from.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life and all its Unexpected beauty.

Well, its certainly been a while. 
Life has been pretty crazy these last several months.
From this (not so little anymore) baby growing inside me, 
to losing my grandpa, 
to BabyGirl turning FOUR
finding out we are having a BOY,
 and my love proposing to making an honest woman out of me.
Things have been pretty insane around here.

This year, as a whole, has been something I can't even describe.
There have been some bad things, normal bad things and unbelievably bad things.
But there have been so many good things too. 

Life isn't always what you think it is going to be.
Nothing is ever exactly what you think it is.
Nothing ever goes exactly the way you think it will.

But, when it comes down to it, life is good.
And everything, even the bad, happens for a reason.
God has a plan for all of us, 
if this year has taught me anything,
it's that you have to trust that.

Because even if you can't fathom why things are happening to you,
or why so much is getting thrown at you at once,
why the plan you had set out for yourself is suddenly far from what is actually happening in your life, 
He can.
And if we can trust in that, 
have faith in that,
we will be okay.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Even if...

Even if the challenges are immense and the obstacles are many, step forward and live the life you choose to live. Your dreams are worth every effort.
Even if you get knocked down again and again, get right back up and get going. With enough persistence, any goal is within your reach.
Even if no one believes you, insist on being truthful. Keep the power of truth always on your side.
Even if you can’t see all the way to the end of the road, go ahead and take the first step. Each time you make some progress, you’ll find new ways to make even more.
Even if your results fall short of your expectations, keep making the effort. Each new day brings you more experience, wisdom and effectiveness.
Even if you’ve been deeply disappointed in the past, focus on the positive possibilities. For your future is what you choose to make it now.

(Just a little inspirational quote sent to me from my adviser. He's one of the reasons I knew this school was a good choice.)

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm a terrible blogger...

It's true.
It's been literally months since the last time I even opened up blogger on my computer screen.
But hey, things have been pretty crazy.

So the big news to share is....
I'm pregnant!! :)
About 15 weeks now, so I no longer want to puke my guts out every second of the day, which is nice.
And we go in soon to see if we can find out boy or girl, which is very exciting! 

Beyond that, just the stressors of everyday life and some bigger ones.
Things are always changing, people are always disappointing you, but you know what?
You can't let it get you down too far. 
Because. probably, you have those people in your life that don't disappoint you and those are the ones that should really matter!

So I just wanted to take the time this morning to say hi to all my lovely blog friends.
Sorry for being so MIA lately, and I hope to get back on the track of things soon!

Happy Monday all.
May your week be full of happiness!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tomorrow's my Birthday. :) Today's a little more somber.

So tomorrow, I turn 23. 
And I legitimately had to stop and think about that before being confident I had the number right.
Shouldn't surprise me. Haha. 
My AMAZING boyfriend is making and taking me on a picnic tomorrow, I'm pretty excited about it.
And, his mom is making me a birthday dinner tonight. 
I just love them! :)

So the rest of the day shall be dedicated to making sure the house is in order, so I don't have to worry about handling anything tomorrow, when all I should be doing is enjoying my day. :) 
Happy Wednesday all.
May the rest of your day and week be grand!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Life is crazy. (&Follow Friday)

Things are a tad more stressful than usual here lately.
For reasons that you will all find out at some point.
But also, eye opening, and quite exciting, I must say.
So, here's to the crazy things life throws at us, and learning to catch them.
And handle them with grace. :)
Happy Friday all!

Go link up with Hollie Takes Notes for Follow Friday.
It's all kinds of fun! :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

A little on being a mommy. & Follow Friday.

I was catching up on my blog reading and while doing so came upon this post from Danielle over at Sugar Blossom Boutique about being a mom, and doing our best to make sure we are doing it right.

There are a lot of things I don't know about motherhood.  But these things I know for sure.
Motherhood is a commitment.
Motherhood requires patience.
Motherhood requires love.
Motherhood is unselfish.
Motherhood requires sacrifice.
Sacrifices of time.
Sacrifices of money.
Sacrifices of energy.

How true are these words? I highly recommend clicking on over there and reading the rest of this post, if you haven't done so already! While I was reading Danielle's post, I was thinking about my own mothering style, as I tend to do pretty frequently. Being a young single mom, and raising my daughter without her sperm donor (as I like to refer to him) is definitely a challenge. I am constantly asking myself if I am doing things right, or if I should be doing things differently. 

Is the reason that she's about to turn four and still sleeps with mommy really because I don't want to deal with the fighting (from both her, and my parents) or is part of it that I feel guilty kicking her out of my bed, when I'm all she's got?

Do I discipline her a enough? Do I discipline her too much? Does she spend enough time outside? Do I spend enough time doing teaching activities with her? Do I spend enough time doing fun activities with her? (On that note I'd love any ideas on easy DIY's to do with little ones!!) 

But, when I really sit down to think about it. When I really pray about it. And look at my little girl, and the way that I know she knows she's loved. I know I can't be doing too bad. I am doing my best with the cards that I have been dealt, and yes, some days it's extra hard, and all I wanna do is go take a nap and catch up on the hundreds of hours of sleep I've missed out on since becoming a mommy. But mostly, mostly I realize how lucky I am.

I look into that little face and  realize the gift my God gave me. And all the questions fall away. I am doing the best that I can. And that's all I can do. And the fact that I worry so much makes me a good mom. Because it means I care.  That little girl is my whole heart, and I can't imagine how boring my life would be without her. She saved me. And I just hope that I can live up to be the mother/role model she deserves.

Also, I'm linking up with Hollie at Hollie Takes Note for Follow Friday
Hop on over and make some new bloggy friends! 
I'll be doing so later today. :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

I still exist!! &a giveaway.

Okay, okay, so I've been pretty MIA. Life has been pretty crazy lately, the month of December completely flew by me almost without my realizing it. And January? Well let's just say I've been trying to change some things, and it's taking up most of my mental space. But I look forward to this year, and this new beginning, and the changes that are sure to come with it. But more on that later. :)

Now onto the good stuff.

There is a Mary & Dyer giveaway going on over at Everything According to Erin. And I highly suggest you go check it out, as well as both Mary & Dyer (the blog & shop) and Everything According to Erin. Head on over, enter the giveaway, peruse the blog(s). :)

BabyGirl doesn't have school today so we're just hanging out, being lazy in our pj's. And it's awesome! :)

Photo credit goes to the  little one. :)

Oh, and we're also listening to Christmas music. Cause it's never to early, or late, to do so!! :)