Monday, October 10, 2011

Men vs. "Men"

What gives a "man" the idea that he is indeed a man?
What makes him think he can put his hands on anyone?
What makes it okay to leave marks and bruises on another person,
Let alone a woman.
And better yet the woman you supposedly love?
I want to put the disclaimer out there that this post is not about me or the men in my life, but about someone very close to me.
Someone that, when I found out what happened, I wanted to cry, and when I got home I did.
I punched a wall, and screamed out loud at the fact that someone thought he had the right to lay his hands on her like that. I walked laps around the house and tried to calm myself down.
I attempted homework so I would stop thinking about it.
But I can't stop thinking about it.
I can't stop worrying about it.
I can't help but be afraid that this wasn't the last time.
I pray to God it was, but it scares me to know that there's a chance it wasn't.
Because see, I've been in this spot before.
I've had that friend that got beat up and went back.
And there's nothing anyone can do about it.
I like to think that with all of the support the person going through this now has she won't go back.
She appears to be done, and I thank God for that.
And I thank him that it's only some bumps and bruises, and nothing worse.
And for the fact that she let us all know what happened and didn't try to hide it.
I thank God that she has people who love and support her so she knows that this isn't okay.
And I just hope that once she comes out of this, she finds herself a real man.
Because all she's had in her life is "men" and if you've only ever had a man, you may not see the big difference here.
But let me tell you the difference is, in fact, big.
And it's easy to fall into "loving" a "man" it really is.
Finding a "man" is easy.
But finding a man takes time, patience, and faith.