Friday, April 13, 2012

Even if...

Even if the challenges are immense and the obstacles are many, step forward and live the life you choose to live. Your dreams are worth every effort.
Even if you get knocked down again and again, get right back up and get going. With enough persistence, any goal is within your reach.
Even if no one believes you, insist on being truthful. Keep the power of truth always on your side.
Even if you can’t see all the way to the end of the road, go ahead and take the first step. Each time you make some progress, you’ll find new ways to make even more.
Even if your results fall short of your expectations, keep making the effort. Each new day brings you more experience, wisdom and effectiveness.
Even if you’ve been deeply disappointed in the past, focus on the positive possibilities. For your future is what you choose to make it now.

(Just a little inspirational quote sent to me from my adviser. He's one of the reasons I knew this school was a good choice.)


Holly said...

I LOVE this quote! I think your adviser is awesome!

dana @ wonder forest said...

this is awesome!
xo dana